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Solara adjustable patio covers are made of durable aluminum, and provide both the protection of a patio cover, and the freedom of a pergola at the same time. Offered in both motorized and manual systems, the louvered roof system can be opened to let in light and air, and closed to keep out rain and harsh conditions.

In addition to our great vinyl fencing system products, Best Vinyl is proud to offer the Solara louvered roof system.

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Porches and patios are exposed to extreme weather year-round. During the summer, there’s the heat of the day, and the humidity of the evening. Winter brings rain, moisture, and winds. Home and business owners alike have long sought a solution that protects their outdoor areas from the elements. The problem is that each solution tends to create its own problems. Permanent covers and awnings block out all sun, and restrict ventilation. Adjustable covers lack durability, require frequent maintenance, and can be damaged by winter winds and snowfall.

Solara patio cover systems can be built to fit nearly every shape and size of patio, porch, awning or gazebo, from the traditional to the exotic. Solara’s designs are built to last, with a 15-year warranty for mechanism parts and a limited lifetime warranty on louvers and all support components. The louvered roof systems also require virtually zero maintenance, to ensure you spend your time enjoying your patio, not laboring above it.

With affordable products, a large selection of stock and custom colors, and designs that are built to withstand weather from all across the world, there’s no patio cover that beats Solara.

Since Best Vinyl hires experienced craftsmen, your pergola project can be designed to match your needs exactly. One of our experienced professionals will come to your property to discuss the possibilities, free of charge.

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