4 Vinyl Fence Gate Ideas 

October 15, 2022

As you design your fence, you can’t forget about the gate. The gate you install should compliment your fence. Typically, you want to use the same style as your fence and it should also be a similar height. There are several styles of vinyl gates available; each can be customized to the type of gate you need.

Privacy Gate 

A privacy gate is ideal for someone who wants to keep out prying eyes. A privacy vinyl fence is made up of vinyl planks that are all flush together to prevent any gaps in the fence. You can maintain total privacy in your yard. Installing a privacy gate to match means you keep that privacy while still allowing access to the area. With a privacy gate, you can choose from a couple of options on how the gate will open. A typical swinging gate will open inwards or outwards. You can have a single-door gate or a double-door gate. Keep in mind, you will need space for the gate to swing. You can also opt for a sliding gate. This reduces the need for space but is a little more complicated to install and may require more maintenance.

Semi-Privacy Gate 

A semi-private design will still give you some privacy while also allowing airflow in your yard, more light, and some view of what’s beyond your fence. With a semi-private fence, vinyl planks are placed on either side of the fence so they are in line with each other, but there is space between the fence. When looking directly at the fence, it looks solid. From an angle, you can see through it. A semi-private gate is a good option if you don’t need 100% privacy and want to have a little more visibility.

Picket Gate 

Not all fences are designed just for privacy. A picket fence leans more toward the aesthetic as well as marking the property line and containing the yard. Picket fences have vinyl planks that are evenly placed along the fence with space in between each plank. You can choose from several sizes for your picket fence. You can have a tall picket fence for your backyard or a short fence (usually about waist-high) for your front yard. Adding a picket gate to your fence creates a charming look that also creates a clear line for your property.

Ranch Rail Gate 

A ranch rail-style fence is, as the name implies, typically used on ranches, farms, and in rural areas. This style of fence is an inexpensive way to mark your property and keep larger animals contained. A ranch rail gate will typically be a swing gate that requires plenty of space for it to be opened. Installing a ranch rail gate and fence can give your home a more rural and rustic look.

There are plenty of styles out there depending on the needs of your fence and the look you want. Before purchasing a fence and gate, take time to consider what the main purpose of your fence is. Some options cater to privacy while others to style. You can even find a style that gives you the best of both worlds.

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