The Benefits of Vinyl Fence Caps

March 14, 2018

Offering a nice aesthetic appeal, vinyl fence caps are a great addition to any fence. The caps themselves act as additional protection while also looking very stylish. Without question, the best kinds of caps for a fence are vinyl fence caps. Let’s take a closer look at why so many property owners select caps for their vinyl fences.

Because vinyl is a flexible component, it provides a better seal than any other material. In fact, vinyl is known for not cracking or shredding like hard plastic and wood caps. Not only that, but also this material will not leave residue on the fence and protects it from contamination. Vinyl fence caps are easy to install and they have an airtight seal that keeps them in place after they have been placed. Quite possibly, the best part is that the caps act as a chemical resistor and posses a naturally insulated material.

Why Consider Solar Caps?

The solar caps allow for optimum sun absorption, boost high efficiency and add life to light bulbs allowing them to last a long time. Some caps are actually lit up by batteries and last about 2-4 years. These specific lighted post caps add a great lighting effect to any driveway or pool area. Some vinyl fence caps also act as a motion sensor that is activated when someone is entering near the fence.

When being installed, the caps are attached to the fence with screws and provide a nice presentation to the yard. A gothic vinyl fence cap is relatively easy to notice due to its pointed arrowhead top. These are usually seen on picket fences. Additionally, this look gives a classy feel to the fence and acts as a decorative ornament. They also protect against the insides of the post and are rain, ice and UV resistant. Different types of fences that have vinyl caps are privacy fences, picket fences, and ranch fences.

An Array of Styles for Vinyl Fence Caps

Some styles of vinyl fence caps include:

  • gothic style
  • New England style
  • Federation
  • Ball post
  • low voltage
  • galaxy solar
  • classic
  • majestic solar
  • ambience
  • imperial
  • horse head
  • solar

When installed, the vinyl fence caps are glued onto the posts of the fence with special glue called PVC glue. This glue provides stability and integrity to the fence in order to maintain its unique appearance.

Vinyl fence caps are heavy duty and enhance the look of any fence. Some of the most popular types are solar LED caps that can provide additional lighting to the living space. These LED caps are also energy saving so they can significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Some caps can even be shaped to resemble certain figures like a horse, turtle, frog or dog. In fact, most vinyl fence caps can be customized with any shape or symbol you want. Some people get very creative when it comes to making a vinyl fence cap and can create their own caps by hand by carving them. Unarguably, these unique designs truly add beauty to any fence.

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