Every Best Vinyl fence in Utah along with deck, gazebo, or other vinyl project is backed up with the best warranty in business. And when you become a Best Vinyl customer, you join thousands of satisfied Utah customers who know they can trust that Best Vinyl will be in business to stand behind our warranty.

We are proud of our warranty–even the fine print! If you have a question, we’d love to talk with you about it.

Best Vinyl Materials Warranty

Materials installed by Best Vinyl are covered by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your property. Since we know our materials really are the best available, we don’t prorate our material warranty–we offer the same service in year 20 as we do in year one.

Fencing materials are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer’s defects, and we guarantee that the materials will not peel, pit, rot, blister, warp, crack or abnormally weather as long as you own your home. If such a defect is discovered, Best Vinyl will choose to repair or replace the defective material, at no cost to you.

Best Vinyl Labor Warranty

Best Vinyl’s excellent reputation has a lot to do with our trained installation crews, and we want you to feel as comfortable with their work as we are. Fencing materials installed by a Best Vinyl certified installer are guaranteed to be free from installation defects for a period of one year.

Best Vinyl Wind Warranty

If any of your fence panels blow out in a wind storm, Best Vinyl will repair the paneling at no cost to you.

The fine print

We’ve tried to give you the important information above, but even great warranties can be complicated. Here are some additional details we want you to know about.
Some exclusions and limitations apply to the materials warranty. If your product is subject to limitations, your salesperson will explain any changes. The materials warranty is transferable to the next property owner; upon change of ownership, warranty converts to a pro-rated 30 year term.
Gates are guaranteed to function properly upon installation, but gates and gate components are excluded from the labor warranty. Here’s why. Even the best gates (which we fabricate) and world-class installers (which we have) can’t hold up to misuse or neglect. Gates left open get slammed by gusts of wind, or made into amusement park rides (we have kids, too!) and we can’t guarantee against this kind of damage.

Our wind warranty covers paneling blown out with up to 110 MPH gust. It would be cool to have a vinyl fence that could withstand your neighbor’s trampoline landing on it, but damage caused by flying debris is not covered under the wind warranty, nor are shifted or damaged posts due to wind.