Vinyl Privacy Fence

A vinyl privacy fence is the perfect addition if you want to have a little more security, peace and quiet.  We're able to help you design a fence that is a perfect fit for your property, with a variety of colors to choose from (including those designed to imitate wood).
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vinyl privacy fence
Vinyl Privacy Fencing in Maui & Oahu, HI
Privacy fencing is not about isolation, it’s about relaxation. A sturdy and elegant fence can give you peace of mind through security and safety while you enjoy your very own slice of paradise in the comfort of your backyard. There are many options for privacy fencing — but the best option is vinyl privacy fencing in Maui, HI, and Oahu, HI from Best Vinyl Hawaii, and here’s why.

Why Privacy Fencing?
“Good fences make good neighbors.” This doesn’t mean you dislike your neighbor, but rather it’s a statement saying, “I respect you and your space and I will keep this privacy fence in good shape for both of us.” While a privacy fence is designed to conceal your yard, it also adds a decorative touch that both parties can enjoy.

Oahu, HI sees 271 total days of sun, so you want to choose a material that can withstand the UV rays with little deterioration or fading. White vinyl privacy fencing is ideal for Oahu and Maui, HI, as it is weather and fade-resistant, and the white will stay bright with only an occasional washing with soap and water.
Chestnut Brown
Aged Cedar
Available in 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’
Benefits of a Vinyl Privacy Fence
In addition to being an attractive addition to your yard, privacy fencing also provides:

Noise barrier
Safety for children and pets
Increased security
Landscape protection
Another exceptional advantage to installing a vinyl privacy fence in Oahu, HI is its ability to be molded into any design and adaptability to look like most types of material, such as wood or brick. Vinyl privacy fence designs are nearly limitless. Popular designs include:


Hire a Vinyl Privacy Fence Professional
Trying to DIY a vinyl fence installation can be very tricky. The slightest error in gap or level can result in a large issue as you go along and try to complete the fence. Let the experts at Best Vinyl Hawaii put our skills to use to improve the look and safety of your yard.

Not only will we ensure that your fence is installed correctly, but we will also take care of everything that needs to be completed, including:

Looking into necessary permits
Researching construction standards/local covenants
Assisting in lot line assessment
One of the best things you can do as a homeowner is to speak with your neighbors about the fence you will be installing. You don’t need to get their permission, but getting some feedback from them from the start can make a big difference in both parties enjoying white vinyl privacy fencing in Oahu, HI and Maui, HI.

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